A journey to the Enerjix

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The nature of the subject, the transition of energy, imposes a preamble because energy subjects are passionate and high risk. Precautions must be taken to literally disarm the debate

Our country is home to several tribes, one of which, the Enerjix, is responsible for bringing energy to society. The Enerjix tribe is composed of several families, some very old and others more recent.

The most ancestral are the Naturalix under the authority of the Patriarch Biologix. They operate various sites, the most famous of which is the Arboretum and the proposed energy, wood, traditionally supports the household tasks of populations that are most often rural. But the Naturalixes had recently been revitalized and re-invested in certain rural and even urban areas thanks to the appearance of new boilers. This breakthrough paved the way for smaller families from the Biologix lineage, including Bioteknologix and their plants, Filogénétix and their algae, Anaérobix and their methanized waste, Mahix and their ethanol ears. However, the latter suffer from over-consumption of water and a reproach, favouring energy over food.

Then come the Fossilixes, which are divided into three subsets. The Lignix have practically disappeared from our territory, but they are active from the Goths of Overseas Germany, to Dacia via the Vandals of Overseas Vistula. Coal consumption is still very high in Europe with one disadvantage: Lignixes pollute the atmosphere, including that of the Gauls when Wind blows from the East. Then comes the Petrolix family. They produce and import hydrocarbons from all over the world, in particular on behalf of a family of particles, the De Dieselix. The latter is in real loss of speed following, it too, its pollution of the atmosphere; a new tribe will benefit from it, the Otomobilectrix. Finally, the last family, the American uncles of the Petrolix, the Huiledeshix, tried to settle in the Vulgumpecus region but without success. The offspring of this family is called Hydrogenix, it is the result of a marriage between the Gazdeshix and the Shimix family.

Then come the Electrix, they are divided into several siblings.

Turbinixes exploit a force, water, water vapour but also wind, which drives a turbine whose movement generates electricity. Although the Gallic champion of the Turbinixes was recently sold to the American GeneralElectrix, several families still work here. The Idrolix have their freshwater dams, the Marémotrix work with seawater; the Jéotermix heat water in the underground depths and their cousins the Sismix collect depths of natural water vapour. Other families produce water vapour to drive turbines. The Fossilix burn hydrocarbons to produce water vapour; the Fissionix burn uranium, perhaps thorium one day; Bozondehix, the leader of the Fusionix, launches a new adventure around deuterium and tritium; others finally study cold fusion with palladium and nickel hydride.

The Turbinixes have produced newcomers, the Climatix. These matriarchal tribes transform climate into electricity: using equipment made by the Metocritix family, the Kirkix exploit the land and sea winds that drive wind turbines. However, the sounds of the latter rival those of Supersonix, the worst of the bards, and disturb the residents; moreover, the Goths, champions in this intermittent energy, avoid revealing that without the dark energy of the Lignixes, the Kirkix economy would collapse. These turbines have also affected the territory of the Braikxix d’Outre Manche, to such an extent that the Skotix want to start Bannockburn again. The wind drives you crazy.

The Solarix is the second Climatix family, and is a special family. They transform light into electricity. Their leaders Termix, Termodinamix, Fotovoltahix carry a lot of hope and intend to supplant the Kirkix.

Finally, the Economidénergix are an ingenious family renewing habits and housing. They have been enriched by a new intelligent kinship, the Smartgrix and their leader Linkix.

Ethix, is an isolated druid in his rurality, he thinks that it is very well enough to support himself with the wood of the Naturalix, but he is amazed by the diversity of the Enerjix while regretting some fratricidal oppositions. For example, when one family imposes its solutions and scientific progress on another, without worrying about possible complementarities with other sources of energy. But it is also concerned about the forecasts of an energy wall in 2050: there would not be enough energy for even more urban populations, new industries and new electric transport. He wondered if one of these solutions could be the ultimate global energy? The one that would erase all the others. The Fusionix one, with ITER, fascinates him; by schematizing, a bucket of water would be enough to produce 30 years of electricity for each Gallic.

That is why Ethix participates in the reflections on an energy renewal and to set his ideas, he travels the globe with his friends Démocratix, Enerjimix, Economidénergix and Géopilitix. They observe in particular the distant tribe of Aziatix and in particular the Maohix who produce more energy every day. But the Maohix suffer from coal air pollution for the same reasons as the Gauls when the atmosphere of Lutetia is polluted by the coal of the Goths, Dacians, Vandals and De Dieselix. That’s why they work with Fissionnix, Fussionnix, and Climatix to limit the use of coal. Ethix believes that their progress is linked to the fact that the Maohix presidents and prime ministers are all engineers (electricity, hydropower, materials, geology, process chemistry, agri-food) since the departure of the old chief Dengzihahopix.

They understand what they decide, it’s very different from the leaders here.

Thus, when Ethix returns from his trip, he invariably goes to the large common tavern, Audébapublix, which belongs to his friend Politix, to discuss new strategies with Transitionénerjétix, the head of the Enerjix. Unfortunately, the latter is flanked by two secretaries who do not get along, Economix and Ecolojipolitix. Both are brilliant, but the first is as calm and rigid as the second is nervous and uncontrollable; one wraps you like molasses, the other kisses you like a cactus, and vice versa. Their weaknesses? Unlike the Maohix; they each have a total technical ignorance of these subjects, unable to design new technologies, they decide without knowing. And yet they keep talking about it, especially about the impact of the precautionary principle on the old Phakturhélectrix and if the suggestions of the former are rarely green, those of the latter are often in the red. All in all, Ethix prefers to listen to the two older brothers Mate and Matix discuss “Is string theory transverse to fractals? ».

More than anything, he regrets that Politix’s tavern is closed to his friends:

– the Calculatrix tribe (the Relativix brothers, Gravimetrix, Mécanix and Kuantix, the twins Géolojix and Minedeplatinohix, the duo Bioteknolojix and Jénijénétix, the favourites of the high school students Fisix and Shimix,…),

– And also to the Romillix tribe with its perspectives of the spirit carried by the famous Ellenix, Socratix, Métafisix, Boudix, Filosofix….

Indeed, Calculatrix and Romillix are banned from the Audébatpublix tavern under the influence of a quarteron of old servers: Idéologix, Dogmatix, Médiatix and Sectarix. They exploit one of the consubstantial Gallic characteristics, susceptibility, to generate internal wars. I can’t wait for them to retire and for the young Processusitératix, Pragmatix, Technix and Comix to govern the Agora. These will find a place for everyone.


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