NBM Africa, a French group in DRC’s cobalt and copper

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Early summer last fall the battle for NBMining was questioning. The mining company formed by the late Necotrans and located in the middle of the world cobalt centre between Lubumbashi and Kolwezi in DRC was in a complex political and legal mess.

Since its transformation has been radical, because the legal battle between Pascal Beveraggi and Moïse Katumbi has finally come to a halt.

NB Mining Africa, a new entity and name, is registered in Lubumbashi and complies with the new DRC’s mining code. NBM Africa is a part of Pascal Beveraggi’s Octavia group, which has nearly ten companies in the Middle East in South Africa, Ghana, Guinea Conakry, Zambia and Angola. In total, Octavia employs nearly 4000 people and is involved in mining, logistics and transport activities.

But Pascal Beveraggi acknowledges that the legal pitfalls of 2017-2018 were a serious threat to the rescue of 2000 jobs: « we had to fight on all fronts, both to fight the legal battles and to reassure employees and all our partners. Despite everything, I have kept my promise and my commitment to save the 2000 jobs, and I naturally intend to continue my action to preserve our achievements and develop the company in a context that will, I hope, be calmed down. »

Indeed, the company took back all of NB Mining’s 2,000 jobs (mining, maintenance, security, transport, logistics); they have voluntarily chosen to pursue their careers by supporting Pascal Beveraggi in his multifaceted challenge.
They were probably right, because the result of the transformation is immediate. Barely operational, NBM Africa signed a new mining contract. Proof that confidence is being renewed in the ecosystem of the only French-owned group operating in strategic African metals essential to the energy transition.

In Les Echos on 07 10 2018

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