Brexit, Oh la la! (bis)

Feedback on Brexit’ saga augurs strong threats.

Almost three years ago in London, on 23 June 2016, the fascination of inaccurate arguments supplanted the illumination of the true.

The de-complexed exuberance, the lies and finally the fake will have had the skin of a civilization secularly based on openness instead of shrinkage. We’re a long way from Churchill! Indeed, the black souls have not finished washing themselves of the comet’s ashes of June 23, 2016, it will have burned all reason, and left madness and chaos behind.

As expected since 2016, when the law closes one eye the queen opens her own, and history will tell if she has succeeded in saving the kingdom, because time has done its work in the opposite direction of temporization. Her country leaves and splits. Ireland will remain a question, Gibraltar a weakness, Scotland will wish to return to the European house.

Unlike fake-news, the European Union is peace from the beginning and it is always peace, except and most probably for those who leave it. Across the Channel, the population will probably be durably divided like impulsive people who destroy caterpillars while craving butterflies; in the same way as their political leaders who will continue to stab each other like never before. Goodbye Fair Play. Where is internal peace in England, when the deadly wounds of Brexit are blamed on the camp of the organizers of the 2016 referendum, then within the Leave camp, but also from the deal camp negotiated by Theresa May and also towards the camp of those who were not powerful enough to hold a second referendum?  The rumor that MI6 voted to stay, but MI5 to get out, was probably inaccurate. My name is Bond, mine is Smith… and both wanted to stay in the European Union.

Then, as planned, the European institutions based in England will have migrated to the continent, as will have branches of the City. As expected Washington-post-Trump will move its interest away from London to the continent. As expected, Asia is more than perplexed, that is to say, it is at the natural limits of its understanding of things. Moscow is not sorry for the dispersion of the United Kingdom, façon puzzle. As planned, international industries will feel cramped in the former United Kingdom.

Without an empire to manage, London will have to fight without taking any prisoners to find new avenues of development like Hong Kong, Singapore or Delaware. But vis-à-vis the European Union, the direct competition with Switzerland would be immense, without the charm.

Facing this desolate chaos, how a population should give an opinion in the era of fake-news? Will objectors believe that in the name of the best interests of a nation and democracy in general, the population should sometimes refrain from holding a vote? Questions that are real betrayal and threat to democracies!

The only thing that is really shared in Europe is a desire to quickly forget the disunited kingdom, and never again have to deal with such political weathervanes in the United Kingdom.