Mining in France: let’s not repeat mistakes of the Ancien Régime

03/11/2021 b 0

The decarbonization of France’s economy will make its industry increasingly dependent on metal-producing countries. However, the country’s mining potential is real, and its reasoned exploitation can strengthen its independence and sovereignty, as the revolutionaries of 1789 knew how to do by creating a Corps des Mines.

Purchasing power of nuke : what French Green Party (EELV) should know.

05/10/2021 b 0

In La Tribune 05/10/2021
The Green approach tends to praise the German energy model based on renewables (and coal) over the French one which uses nuclear power. However, a comparison shows that Germany is far from being independent, and France could be more independent if it continued to develop nuclear power

Pouvoir d’achat du nucléaire : ce que EELV devrait savoir

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In La Tribune 05/10/2021
Le discours écologiste tend à vanter le modèle énergétique allemand basé sur les renouvelables (et le charbon) sur le français qui utlise le nucléaire. Or une comparaison montre que l’Allemagne est loin d’être indépendante, et la France pourrait l’être davantage si elle poursuivait le développement du nucléaire

China is no longer the world’s factory

02/08/2021 b 0

Beijing’s decision to impose taxes on its steel exports will reshuffle the deck in the global steel market, which will have consequences for European Union countries

Gold is nobody’s debt

01/11/2020 b 0

In Le Monde 01/11/2020 In times of crisis, gold remains a safe haven whose price rises, stimulated by the fall in interest rates.