China is a dangerous power

In La Tribune 24/05/2020

Pointless is dwelling about the origin of Covid-19. If its origin is the Wuhan market, China is a dangerous power incapable of mastering the delicate relationship between tradition (a market of traditional shops) and modernity (globalization); if the pandemic is the result of an accidental leak from a laboratory in Wuhan, China is a dangerous biotechnological power that does not master the basic protocols of scientific research; Wherever the unlikely creator of an imaginary conspiracy armed with the coronavirus comes from, Beijing is leading a dangerous power if it has not detected the origin of this fiction conspiracy à la “Machination Voronov “.

Wherever the truth may be, the vector of the bad news is especially dangerous for itself, as the backlash against the scapegoat that is Beijing will be present in Earth psychology for a long time to come. In other words, China loses because it is responsible for the deaths and there are more of them abroad; it loses in the media; it loses because its natural enemies take advantage of this opportunity to oppress it; it loses because the crisis is costing a lot of money to Beijing; it loses because the crisis is revealing weaknesses and future flaws in its access to natural resources in the countries that it has involuntarily contaminated; it loses because its millenary culture, for example that of its medicinal beliefs, has lost respect, modern China has lost the face of the tradition of its own ancestors; it loses because if it wants the same toys as other countries it will have to regain the confidence of the whole world through a higher domestic standard without causing implosion; it loses because the world now wants more sovereignty and less dependency from China.

This last aspect resonates in France through the realization that it is the DGSE, the CIA and other intelligence services that were right to underline the betrayal of the state bourgeoisie, the betrayal of the clerics. The one that caused, among other things, the shortage of masks. The same one that, in a broader way, treated the business intelligence experts who testified to the deindustrialization of France as manipulators of « costly stupidity », and treated sovereign capitalism as agitators of an illusory economic war. On the bottom line, the truth is offensive: they were wrong, we were right, but today the whole country is paying the price in cash.

In fact, if in France voices are raised for a new National Council of Resistance, it is not so much because these people have ideas for reform, but first and foremost because they believe that the liberation of this asphyxiating regime is close at hand. If the next world is calling for change it is this one: righting wrongs, regain mind independence for choosing simple objectives, without greenwashing and a preference for European industrial autonomy in order to ensure a self-sufficiency the chinese way, whatever the cost.