Anthénea, or why my water-house at a time of global warming?

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Faced with the threat of global warming, some are innovating in terms of ecological housing : the Breton designers of Anthénea, a floating house, autonomous in terms of energy and water. How a scientific approach provides concrete answers to our problems.

The third fall of the House of Russia

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In La Tribune 01/03/2022
The military invasion is an internal drama for the Russians that will last as long as the government of Vladimir Putin has not been overthrown by the Russians themselves.

Why will inflation remain at 2.5%.

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In La Tribune 14/02/2022
Predicting European inflation as in the past in the light of Washington will be a mistake; Asia and Europe in search of similar and probably competing sovereignties should experience concordant inflationary trajectories.

Ukraine, Taiwan: Joe Biden’s twin winter wars

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In La Tribune 06/12/2021
Ukraine’s integration into NATO would be a casus belli for Moscow. For its part, Beijing considers that Taiwan should be integrated into mainland China. On both fronts, the United States is in the driver’s seat. Is the American president ready to push his pawns? At what cost? Supported by whom?

Mining in France: let’s not repeat mistakes of the Ancien Régime

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In La Tribune 02/11/2021
The decarbonization of France’s economy will make its industry increasingly dependent on metal-producing countries. However, the country’s mining potential is real, and its reasoned exploitation can strengthen its independence and sovereignty, as the revolutionaries of 1789 knew how to do by creating a Corps des Mines.

Purchasing power of nuke : what French Green Party (EELV) should know.

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In La Tribune 05/10/2021
The Green approach tends to praise the German energy model based on renewables (and coal) over the French one which uses nuclear power. However, a comparison shows that Germany is far from being independent, and France could be more independent if it continued to develop nuclear power

Voting a second time for a transgressive communication?

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The political communication of President Emmanuel Macron in his exercise of power has experienced many vicissitudes. It is characterized above all by a gap between reformist words and actions. In this regard, particularly in the Fifth Republic, the attitude of General de Gaulle remains a reference

Steel: Europe’s dangerous growing dependence

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In La Tribune 21/05/2021
In recent years, Europe has become a net importer of steel due to reductions in production capacity. This dependence is not without its problems for European industry. It is urgent that Brussels review its policy in this area.

Metals and batteries for electric vehicles: Finland, an example for France

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In La Tribune 20/04/2021
Finland has a state-owned company, the Finnish Minerals Group (FMG), which invests in companies in the mining sector. A proactive and structured policy to position itself on the fast-growing market for electric vehicle batteries. France should be inspired by Finland’s approach, with which it has several points in common

From the years of Covid-19 to neo-Dadaism

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In la Tribune 10/04/2021
How will we emerge from this health crisis? It is difficult to know, even if the past offers ome food for thought. Will we live through the “Années Folles”, like those 1920s, when it was all about forgetting the trauma of the First World War?

Hog, Every part is not the best part!

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The Covid-19 pandemic has weighed on the international pork market, already affected for decades by the recurrence of African swine flue, a variant of which was discovered in early February in China, a country which alone concentrates 50% of the world market for animals.

Diamond market will be even brighter after Covid-19

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In La Tribune 02/01/2021 The pandemic increased imbalance between supply and demand for diamonds around the world. This is expected to lead to higher prices this year and in 2022. It could also be supported by improved marketing of natural diamonds in the face of the alternative represented by cultured diamonds.

In 2020, the electric car took off, in 2021, it flies

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the year of the pandemic was marked by a global industrial event: the surge in sales of electric cars. Thanks to technical advances in batteries, and if the development of nuclear energy is on the agenda, the trend is expected to increase in the coming years.

Pro-oil and anti-electric cars

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The fact is that for the past two years these same elements created by the pro-oil have been propagated by the anti-electric car in a strong media offensive

The “dirty little secrets” of the fake-news on electric vehicle

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La Tribune 01/12/2020
The electric car is nowadays criticized for polluting more than the conventional model because of the use of non-recyclable metals in its batteries. This assertion is not only without serious physical and economic grounds, but above all has the consequence of penalizing European manufacturers.

Gold is nobody’s debt

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In Le Monde 01/11/2020 In times of crisis, gold remains a safe haven whose price rises, stimulated by the fall in interest rates.

Diamonds: Dinner at Tiffany

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In La Tribune 29/10/2020 Some will regret it, but stock exchanges hardly recognize generosity and do not express its thanks for good deeds. In 2020, […]

Will nickel be hostage to a third referendum in New Caledonia?

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la Tribune 07/10/2020
The Caledonian territory remains very dependent on the exploitation of nickel, which accounts for nearly 90% of the island’s exports and represents one job in five. After a victory of the NO with a little more than 53% of the votes, the post-referendum and the progression of the YES complicate the vision of the future of nickel exploitation in the region.

What if Angela Merkel reatomized Germany?

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Without resources, with a fragile diplomacy because also de-globalized, but without a desire for energy sovereignty, Europe and Germany will find themselves in a difficult position.

The Great Game of metals

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La Tribune July-August 2020
Since antiquity, countries or cities have developed strategies of power and influence in the possession of raw materials. This is the condition for a strong economy and power in international competition.

China is a dangerous power

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In La Tribune 24/05/2020 Pointless is dwelling about the origin of Covid-19. If its origin is the Wuhan market, China is a dangerous power incapable […]

Oil knocked off

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In la Tribune 09/03/2020 The coronavirus has little to do with it. Brent price sold down to $35 and then below $30 is indeed a […]