What if Angela Merkel reatomized Germany?

11 septembre 2020 b 0

Without resources, with a fragile diplomacy because also de-globalized, but without a desire for energy sovereignty, Europe and Germany will find themselves in a difficult gas position.

The Great Game of metals

20 août 2020 b 0

Since antiquity, countries or cities have developed strategies of power and influence in the possession of raw materials. This is the condition for a strong economy and power in international competition.

China is a dangerous power

24 mai 2020 b 0

In La Tribune 24/05/2020Pointless is dwelling about the origin of Covid-19. If its origin is the Wuhan market, China is a dangerous power incapable of […]

Oil knocked off

9 mars 2020 b 0

In la Tribune 09/03/2020 The coronavirus has little to do with it. Brent price sold down to $35 and then below $30 is indeed a […]

European steel: mind the gap

17 janvier 2020 b 0

In La Tribune 17/01/2020 World steel supply Between 1950 and 2019, world steel production increased almost tenfold. At nearly 1.9 billion tonnes, it was more […]

Burkina Faso’s gold

10 novembre 2019 b 0

In La Tribune 11/11/2019 Burkina Faso’s mines produce about 60 tons of gold per year, while artisanal miners produce about 10 tons. It is a […]

Lithium war will not take place

7 août 2019 b 0

In Le Monde 7 août 2019 A few months ago, lithium shortage seemed a burning issue: facing insufficient mining resources was insatiable demand for electric […]


26 avril 2019 b 0

When time is revealing more and more of the truth about the necessary common nickel strategy. Compare the original idea of 2012 on Franceinfo and […]